About us

Carbon Partners is a family business, one owner, one location.
We focus on one customer at a time, you!

We promise to give you the best service at competitive prices. We warranty all our work. Our company strives on the best customer service we can offer.

Our best skills

  • Electrical Repairs93%
  • Handle Precision Machines79%
  • Diagnostic Abilities91%
  • Detect Problems and Perform Troubleshooting79%


  • 11.05.2013The Born of Carbon Partners

    This is the day where we started Carbon Partners, it is the day where everyone just mechanic without much experience.
  • 15.08.2013The Rise of Carbon Partners

    We started to have more and more clients. Usually are used car but there is an evident rise on our market.
  • 29.12.2013Just the beginnning...

    Clients start to put a lot of trust in us, we have clients that own expensive cars like Aston Martin, Porche, Ferrari, etc.